MODESELEKTOR : MONKEYTOWN (VÖ:30.09.11) neues Album mit features von Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Miss Platnum, PVT, Anti Pop Consortium, Busdriver, ..

Das neue Modeselektor Album „Monkeytown“ kommt am 30.09.11 als CD und 2 x LP und featured 2 Songs mit Radiohead-Frontmann THOM YORKE, sowie Kollaborationen mit dem Warp-Act PVT (formerly known as Pivot) , den left-field HipHop Acts ANTI POP CONSORTIUM und BUSDRIVER, sowie der Balkan Soul Queen MISS PLATNUM featuren. SASCHA RING (besser bekannt als APPARAT) spielt Gitarre auf „War Cry“.

Frei zwischen Stilen und Tempi fließend, experimentiert Monkeytown mit Extremen und Kantigem, erkundet, ausgehend von einer soliden, tief im Groove verankerten Beat-Basis, jungfräuliche akustische Gefilde. Mit wuchtigen Drums, gecutteten Vocals und meisterlich aufgebauter Spannung erschaffen Modeselektor eine neue, ganz eigene Kreatur der Dance Music – eine mutierende Chimäre mit Körperteilen aus Left-Field Hip Hop, gefühlvollem R&B, Punk Rap und spielerischen Überraschungen.

„Modeselektor ..? I was just driving round Berlin with them with Gernots arms flying round while he drives listening to all these beats and shit that were soo good, I mean I thought I knew a bit about it all , I been following for ages but I was so lost. It was great. I love them cuz they are so deep into it, but they keep transcending.. Like kraftwerk during the krautrock thing. A new Modeselektor record is a big event for me! Whether I am on it or not. Right from the beginning I loved the fact they weren’t dead serious but were total fucking experts, that gave their music such an energy..I think it’s probably their fault really that I got back so heavily into dance music and DJIng. So you can blame them. Ha! “ Thom Yorke (Radiohead)

„Whenever I have a piece of Gernot and Sebastian’s music to deal with, I’m perplexed, overwhelmed and panicked. What could I do to improve or even be heard on this deafeningly display of dancefloor jackhammering? I decided to write an honest song about pricks.“ Busdriver

“I met Szary from Modeselektor at our gig in Berlin in 2010. Turns out he’s a fan of PVT and wanted to collaborate, which iss great considering we’re all the way from the other side of the world. Our track together is half Australian, half German, so we’ve spearheaded a new genre called Desert Techno.“ PVT

„I was so excited to meet Gernot and Szary in their Berlin-Alexanderplatz studio, that I felt like being 20 again, singing on a track for the first time. A ridiculously great feeling..I guess only few musicians, producers, DJ’s can create that feeling of freshness again and again!! And when they heard my balkanesque version of Berlin R&B they started being excited, having an R&B tune on their album!! Seems to be a first time for both of us!
On top of it all Gernot is Romanian, just like me, which makes me even more proud!!..And I’m the only lady on their album amongst those amazing features… what more can I say!“ Miss Platnum

29.09.2011 Berlin / Astra (Record Release Party)
25.10.2011 Neumark / Pressure Festival (A)
26.10.2011 Jena / Kassablanca
27.10.2011 Frankfurt / Batschkapp
30.10.2011 Köln / Gloria
31.10.2011 München / Backstage
01.11.2011 Wien / Flex
04.11.2011 Genf / L’Usine (CH)
02.12.2011 Hamburg – Übel & Gefährlich
03.12.2011 Stuttgart / SEMF

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